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SSV Silver Surfer vaporizer
What is it?


The Silver Surfer™ Herbal Vaporizer-Electric Candle comes with: -1 SSV® 120v or 220 volt unit.
-FREE hand made glass marble pick
-FREE hand made glass marble temperature knob!
-3 FREE screens for your wand!
-1 standard whip (includes standard PYREX quick change wand, food grade vinyl tube, clear glass mouthpiece)
-Free padded travel bag with shoulder strap!
-1 instruction manual and 3 year warranty!
-The best customer service possible!
-Now offering a larger range of colored bases to make each SSV® more original and different.
-Check out the NEW custom engraving options for the SSV® (See images below ) – Old Style Glass Oil Diffuser and Wax Melt Sample for $5 (limited time offer)

Standard glass= The standard glass connection is best for those who want a controlled pinpointed heat delivery set-up when they vape.This style can also be made hands-free with the hands-free adapter

Spherical ground glass=The spherical ground glass connection is made to be an even controlled heat distribution by giving the user a full range of motion with the wand while still having the air-tight seal of the ground glass connection. While giving you a larger bowl compared to the traditional ground glass set-up. This design can become hands-free by using a hands-free adapter.

Ground glass=The ground glass connection allows for even heat distribution with a secure air-tight hands free vape experience.

*All 220 vapes are $20 more for processing fees*

***Cannot engrave on Silver housing or base.***

***We recommend that the powercord never be wrapped around the housing for storage and/or travel.  When storing the Silver Surfer™ in its included travel bag, wrap the cord and place it below the baseplate.   This protects the housing’s finish from the metal prongs or anything that has become adhered to the powercord.***

Sorry, White is no longer available.

We offer Extended Warranties beyond our standard 3 Year warranty.  Choose from 10 year or Lifetime, both come with excellent  discounts that last the life of the warranty. Note: You must create an account and be logged in to the site in order for the discount to activate. Discount will not work if you are notlogged in.

Now you can upgrade to custom glass!!!

Heres how: Every SSV comes with a complete set of clear glass tucked safely in the carrying bag. After you add an SSV to your shopping cart, go check out our custom glass wands, knobs, heater covers, mouthpieces, and kits. If you find any that you would like to get in place of the standard clear glass, just add it to your cart and you will automatically recieve a discounted price on the piece. Wand upgrades will come at a 30% discount of the listed price, while the mouthpieces, knobs, heater covers, and kits will all come at a 20% discount. It’s just one way we at 7th Floor are looking to provide more customizable Silver Surfer Vaporizers.

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