Herbalizer (Review coming soon)

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Herbalizer vaporizer review
What is it?

NASA know-how takes vaporization to new heights. Now, control the intensity of your experience through precise extractions—from uplifting to intense—instantly. Clean halogen technology married to sleek, luxury aesthetics, theHerbalizer is a totally different vaporization experience. Say ‘hello’ to the smartvape™.

Easy & Intuitive

Intelligently designed, the Herbalizer’s luxury aesthetic and clamshell housing opens to reveal an intuitive, easy to use interface. Developed with safety and style in mind, the Herbalizer is one smart cookie. No assembly required.

The Herbalizer introduces vaportherapy.

The natural evolution of aromatherapy, vaportherapy lets you control the intensity of your experience with accurate heat settings, from 290 – 445°F. Customize the benefits of your favorite herbs, oils, and concentrates through precise extractions and repeatable effects.

Classic Aromatherapy

From relaxation to rejuvenation, create your ideal environment in the Herbalizer’s aromatherapy mode. Set the timer to a few minutes—or an hour, then set the fan to Quiet and enjoy the aromatic benefits of your favorite essential oils.

Need to deodorize? Try the Herbalizer’s DeFunk blend of essential oil (included with purchase), specifically formulated to “get the funk” out. TheHerbalizer is the most versatile vaporizer ever created.

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