• Made in usaChina
  • 185°C in2minutes
  • Charge time3hours
  • Battery lasts50minutes
  • Warranty:2years
  • Suitable forgroupsmall groups
  • PassiveconductionConvection
  • Weighs158grams



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    • Rugged design (drop tested 50 times at 6ft)
    • Internal storage chamber
    • Internal cleaning brush holder
    • Flexible stem
    • Secure magnetic lock
    • Vaporizes oils
    • Works while charging
    • Cover marks easily
    • Body gets quite hot
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    Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Da Vinci vaporizer (made by the same company which produces the Ascent), is an innovative addition to the vaporizer market that delivers a decent amount of vapour in a stealthy, rugged body – one which offers two herb/oil chambers as well as an internally housed storage compartment and cleaning brush. Doubling as a fridge magnet, the DaVinci is always available when you need it most.

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    What's in the box?

    • DaVinci Vaporizer
    • Wall charger
    • Flexi straw
    • Cleaning brush
    • 9 replacement screens
    • 2 oil cans
    • Quick start guide
    • User manual
    • Vaporizer temperature guide


    How it's used

    1. Lift the lid. IMG_8812

    Open the lid by lifting the top right section upwards – it is held securely closed by a really strong magnet. If you find the lid obstructing your view of the bowl, remove the straw to allow it to open wider.

    2. Load up and switch on.

    IMG_8818 Pack your herb into the chamber, the more tightly packed the better. The area around the chamber is concaved, so it’s easy to sweep in any herb that doesn’t quite make it into the bowl. To turn on the Da Vinci, slide up the large switch located on the bottom right hand side. This is the first of two power buttons, which prevents the unit’s heating element from being switched on accidently and wasting both your herb and battery. The digital display will light up and display the current temperature. However, it won’t start heating up yet.

    3. Select your desired temperature.IMG_8819

    Use the  plus (+) and minus (-) buttons underneath the digital display to select your desired temperature. Holding the buttons down will increase/decrease the values rapidly. Holding the heat power button (third round button) for three seconds and then releasing will switch the temperature between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

    4. Ignite the engines.IMG_8823

    Press the heat power button (the third button on the front) to begin heating up the Da Vinci (the little indicator light above the display will illuminate red). When the indicator light turns green, your DaVinci is officially ready to rock.

    How it stacks up

    Build Quality Score: 96


    If you love the outdoors or have somehow managed to break the last three vaporizers you purchased, then the Da Vinci is no doubt the vaporizer for you. While a lot of vaporizers on the market give up on life after a single meeting with the floor, the Da Vinci keeps going strong even after drop tested 50 times from a height of 6 feet. With a ridiculously strong body with no moving parts combined with a very flexible stem, the Da Vinci can be taken anywhere you’re brave enough to go.

    Measuring 4 inches long, 2.3 inches wide and an inch thick, each unit is hand assembled, with rubberised paint* on the back of the finished units to add more toughness to the unit and avoid scratching and smudging. The herb chamber is secured through the use of a really strong magnet, keeping your herb where it belongs through all types of terrain. The magnet is, in fact, so strong that the DaVinci doubles as a fridge magnet – food has never tasted this good. The flexible stem (removable) prevents breakage when transporting or accidentally dropping. The body does tend to run a bit hot at high temperatures, especially around the ventilation area, but doesn’t get hot enough to do anything more than warm your hand up a bit.

    Materials used in the construction of a Da Vinci include:

    • * 304 stainless steel mesh
    • * Non-leaded soldering
    • * Medical Grade silicone

    The Da Vinci is available in green, grey and black.

    Vapor Quality Score: 81


    The DaVinci delivers a fair amount of vapour, though does tend to give off a slight plastic taste at higher temperatures which seems to vary from user to user – some users describe the taste as burning rubber while others say that it’s barely noticeable. Make sure you do an initial burn-off when you receive your unit. Rest assured, the airpath is free from any circuitry and the 13.2V lithium ion battery is lead free and non-toxic at high temperatures. Da Vinci holds a ROHS certificate for their products and quality control test each vaporizer before they’re released into the wild.

    The airflow has almost no resistance and the vapor is cool for the most part. You might feel a bit of warmth on your lips at really high temperatures, but only slight. The DaVinci also boasts a top chamber for adding flavours to the vapor.

    Portability Score: 98

    The Da Vinci scores extremely well in the portability department for a number of reasons. Firstly, this little guy is as tough as nails so you don’t have to spend your trip worrying about whether it’s safe or not. Secondly, it’s almost the same size and weight as a smartphone (just slightly thicker) and the flexible stem is also removable for extra portability. Thirdly, the super strong magnetic lock on the herb chamber will ensure that your herb stays where it belongs. And fourthly, boasting another one of the Da Vinci’s awesome features, is the fact that it has a large extra storage compartment to house your oil can or extra herb, as well as a cleaning brush tucked neatly away inside the main chamber. The heat switch on the Da Vinci is also separate to the ON/OFF switch to avoid it accidently heating up and draining the battery while in your bag or pocket.

    Ease of Use Score: 88

    DaVinci Usage

    Operating the Da Vinci is pretty straight forward. The three heat buttons on the front are easy to reach with one hand and the small LCD screen is clear and easy enough to read. Loading the chamber is also fairly straight forward – the concave area around the chamber does help a lot with making sure your herb goes into the chamber and not onto the floor. However, the lid does tend to get in the way a bit when loading, making it difficult to peer into the bottom chamber to see how much you’ve loaded*. It’s thus a good idea to measure your desired dose before loading.

    The flat base lets the Da Vinci stand upright on a surface, so it’s really easy to pick up and put down during puffs. It is also great for social settings, since it’s really easy to operate and also allows you to stay friends with that clumsy acquaintance with butter fingers. Holding the vaporizer has a familiar comfort, ode to it’s smartphone shape and size.

    Removing the stem allows you to push the lid further back for a better view of the bottom chamber.

    Battery Life Score: 82

    Davinci batterylife

    Powered by 3 Lithium Ion batteries, the battery life on the Da Vinci is fairly average – lasting around 50 minutes between charges. Luckily it does allow for use during charging so you won’t be left sulking with dead unit. The Da Vinci heating element powers off after 10 minutes to preserve battery life and also prevent overheating.

    Stealth Score: 94

    DaVinci stealth

    The Da Vinci is slightly too large to be concealed in your hand, although this is not a problem. Easily passed off as a simple Walkie-Talkie, this pocket portable is highly unlikely to be the cause of any suspect stares if whipped out in public. Your herb is also completely hidden behind the magnetic lid, deep inside the chamber. And should you ever need to put it away with haste, you won’t have to worry about the stem or actual body getting damaged at all.

    The Da Vinci can be used with or without the stem. Whether that adds or subtracts to the stealth factor is open for debate, as it then no longer looks like a Walkie-Talkie.

    For those that prefer super stealth vaping, Da Vinci also offers a 25cm “Snorkel Straw” that allows for easy vaping out of a coat or pocket etc.

    Cleaning Score: 84


    Cleaning the Da Vinci is fairly easy for the most part, especially since the brush is attached to the vaporizer and thus always available. To clean out the bottom chamber, just flip open the lid, tilt the Da Vinci downwards and tap it until any loose bits of herb have fallen out. Use the brush to dislodge any bits still stuck to the screen* – just make sure that it has cooled down before doing so. The upper chamber is easy to reach and clean, and can be unscrewed for more thorough cleaning.

    The three screens inside the top and bottom chambers are all removable, and the Da Vinci comes standard with nine replacements – you’ll need to use a pin to take out the old ones. The triple screen design means that you won’t be cleaning the stem very often.

    Remove the stem when cleaning so that it’s easier to get to the bottom chamber.

    Warranty Score: 80


    The warranty on the battery is 6 months and the rest of the unit is a 2 year warranty. Whatever you do, make absolutely certain that you purchase your Da Vinci from an authorized dealer, otherwise your warranty will be null and void.

    What others are saying

    Extra information

    Tips and Tricks
    • Nothing goes together better than a vaporizer and a fridge. So combine them – the DaVinci doubles as a fridge magnet!
    • Make sure the ON/OFF side switch is on when charging, otherwise you’ll be thoroughly disappointed 3 hours later.
    • Fun tip: Remove the stem and then breathe in gently through the top section. Ta da! A detachable dog whistle :)
    • If you feel like you’re holding coal, make sure you’re not blocking any of the front ventilation holes.
    • When removing the stem, grab the bottom section of the stem and turn. If you turn the softer middle section, you run the risk of breaking it.

    Final Thoughts

    Through continued forum interaction and stellar customer support, it’s clear that Da Vinci really cares about their customers on a personal level, and are in the vaporizer market because they genuinely love what they do. The original Da Vinc has seen many changes since it’s initial release, and the end result is definitely worth  considering when purchasing a vaporizer, even for those of us who don’t particularly spend our weekends hanging off cliffs or defying gravity. Compact, stealthy and offering features not yet seen in other vaporizers, the original Da Vinci earns a top spot in the vaporizer rankings.

    IMG_8377 IMG_8352 DaVinci Usage IMG_8376

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